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8 Things to Know Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

When hiring a personal trainer there are several things to consider, not only about your budget and availability, but also about the trainer you are hiring.  There are many certifications out there, but some are more in-depth and provide the trainer with greater knowledge than others.  Some trainers may hold degrees in sport and health related fields.  However, some trainers/coaches may have only taken a weekend or single day course .  Most of the top personal trainer certifications require six months of study with a proctored test for certification.  The difference in knowledge and understanding of the human body can play a major role in your success and even in your health and safety.

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Nutritional Cooking


Beware individuals and even personal trainers who say they will provide you with personalized nutrition plans.  The only individuals who are able to provide actual nutrition plans are registered dietitians/nutritionists.  Personal trainers and other who are not registered dietitians/nutritionists may provide guidance, but they are not supposed to provide actual diet plans.  Check your state laws to verify and check the individual to ensure they are registered in your state.

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How your body adapts....

One of the main focuses for YOUnique Training is to provide progression of exercise in both individual and group training.  Many programs out there offer no progression and mainly focus on high intensity exercise.  They body will naturally adapt to the demands placed upon it.  If we are constantly giving our bodies the same demand it will only perform at that demand.  We should provide our bodies with variety in order for our bodies to reach optimal health and/or performance.

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