Personal Training

Providing Guidance:

Weight Loss

Improved Athletic Performance and Conditioning

Improved Mobility/Function

Overall Health

Burning Fat & Building Muscle

YOUnique Training provides for YOU a personal training experience in a private fitness studio with NO additional monthly gym fees with multiple ways to save on your training costs.  Get a personalized touch when we create your own personal fitness program based on your wants, needs, goals, and abilities, that you will enjoy.  Our Trainers are all certified through the top personal training certifying organization. Our pricing is good for up to two people to share.

Know the difference and do not be afraid to do a little research into a trainer's certifications.   Many "trainers" out there have completed weekend courses and consider themselves knowledgeable enough to be able to meet your needs.  They likely are not.  While these weekend courses can be great additions to the knowledge of fitness.  The top certified trainers have typically taken up to six months to complete their certifications and require a proctored test as well as CPR/AED certifications to become a certified trainer.  Not to mention they need to complete continuing education requirements for the top certifications (typically every two years). 

What YOUnique personal training can do for you:

  • Weight loss and weight maintenance/management

    • Often people have trouble keeping off the pounds or getting the weight off, with YOUnique Training we provide you with the guidance to lose the weight, keep it off, and continue to improve your overall health

  • Increase muscular endurance, size, and overall strength

    • A properly planned program with YOUnique Training can yeild to increased stamina, muscular size, density, and increased maximal strength

  • Improve stabilization and balance

    • If your body cannot properly stabilize itself and hold balance while training your body can and will develop muscle imbalances, causing pain and discomfort, training with a YOUnique Training personal training can help prevent injury

  • Post physical therapy exercise for those who have undergone orthopedic surgeries or have other related injuries.  

So no matter if you are looking to shed that extra unwanted weight or if you are looking to pack on some size and muscle contact YOUnique today to set up your *FREE ASSESSMENT!!!  



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