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6 Week Stabilization Program

  • 42Days
  • 72Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


A great place to start your journey! The program is a self paced, twice a week, workout program to lay the foundation of training! Stabilization allows us to lift more weight when we progress into strength training. It is also my go to phase for injury prevention. Stabilization is a great starting point for those of you just getting started or those of you who are experienced and need change to help facilitate change in your body. While the program is self paced it is meant to last six weeks with workouts twice per week. Find two days that work optimally for you. Each workout should take between 45-90 minutes to complete. The pace of each exercise is intended to be slow paced for this programming. So take your time no need to rush through and enjoy the journey! The program will require access to a foam roller, resistance bands and/or tubes, and free weights.

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